What we do?

We translate complex ideas into simple processes. We turn simple processes into successful strategies. Laboratorio Estratégico services make complex professional knowledge of sociology, economics, political science, psychoanalysis, philosophy, data science, communication, and marketing available to you with a comprehensive perspective.

We are convinced to make useful professional knowledge to solve the problems of our clients. We treat information as the fundamental raw material of any activity linked to the production of value and we want our clients to count on it. Our team can help you achieve your goal, no matter how big or small it is.

Let's build important things together!

Political Strategy

Creative Development

In a world dominated by social networks, anyone with an internet connection believes they can become a political actor. However, to persuade with your ideas you need the right strategic tools at your disposal.

In Laboratorio Estratégico we provide you with the necessary tools so that your message does not become just another noise. We develop from your purposes a comprehensive creative conceptualization that allows you to convert a message into a force capable of persuading and mobilizing.

  • Feelings, concept, name, purposes, human projection, program, discursive values.
  • Logo and semiotic identity.

Positioning Strategy

The hard work for a political actor begins when he tries to transform the correlations of force. The exhaustive knowledge of the actors involved and a comprehensive strategy capable of moving the political field can make a difference in your favor.

In Laboratorio Estratégico we help you strategically plan your political position, so that you convert your ability to persuade and mobilize in power.

  • Mapping of actors, analysis of correlations of force, analysis of political-economic situation.
  • Strategic planning, positioning strategy design.

Persuasive Communication

A message capable of persuading and mobilizing can fail if it does not have communication tactics capable of generating the desired strategic effects. Political communication is much more than advertising. It not only focuses on the dissemination of a message, but must be capable of producing reality. Political communication instead of adapting to the context produces it.

In Laboratorio Estratégico we make your message generate actions in others.

  • Discursive development, identification of target audience, media strategy.
  • Reputation management strategy, alliance analysis.
  • Program counseling.

Social media

The Internet is a central battleground in contemporary politics. A political actor without a digital presence does not seem to exist, however, if the digital presence is not at the service of a comprehensive power strategy, it can lead to dispersion. To persuade and mobilize the key is in the strategy you develop and the creativity you have when executing it.

In Laboratorio Estratégico we help you turn your digital presence into power.

  • Development of discursive strategy in social networks, application of discursive strategy.
  • Web development.

Economic Analysis

Laboratory of Political Economy

The actors of the Venezuelan economic reality seem determined to be guided by ideological and interested arguments that leave much of the facts aside.

The Venezuelan Political Economy Laboratory connects information points in politics, macroeconomics, geopolitics, and society to place our clients ahead of the ideological account of Venezuela, allowing them to have a proactive approach to reality.

Our services focus on offering critical arguments about the economic information that circulates nationally and internationally, such as collecting key reports and information for our clients to act in disruptive situations.

Political and geopolitical risk assessment in Venezuela

The risk analyzes associated with Venezuela have succumbed to the catastrophic account that makes it impossible to identify the various nuances that makeup reality.
The Laboratorio Estratégico risk assessment accumulates the greatest amount of qualitative and quantitative information on politics, economy, and geopolitics of the actors involved in the Venezuelan reality to indicate to our clients when windows of opportunity open or close according to their strategic priorities.

Business Development

Performance improvement

Companies are obsessed with improving their performance, however, they have difficulties
determining how they can do it.
There are companies determined to make big changes that could achieve optimal results with small, immediate solutions, and there are companies unable to distinguish between immediate success and growth in the medium and long term.

Laboratorio Estratégico performance improvement consulting helps you determine in which sector and how your company can take the leap to the next level.

  • Creative development
  • Positioning strategy
  • Competitive differences
  • Persuasive communication
  • Polycontextual analysis

Decision making and crisis management

For long time companies and organizations focused on evading crises. Those times are
over. If you decide, crises can be a great opportunity to redefine yourself and relaunch.

Laboratorio Estratégico’s decision-making and crisis management consulting helps you produce
“creative destruction”.

  • Reputation management and damage mitigation strategy.
  • Crisis media strategy