About Us

Ideas with vocation for power

Political actors, governments, non-governmental organizations and companies face daily creative stagnation, disconnection with voters or clients, undertone communications, crucial situations without a strategy, powerful messages diluted in the noise of the internet, ignorance of partners, or competitors, among other problems.

The only way to deal with these situations is to implement strategies as bold and irreverent as they are smart and professional.

Laboratorio Estratégico is a consulting firm specialized in political strategy, economic analysis and business performance improvement that is convinced to make useful professional knowledge to solve the problems of our clients.

We love ideas with a vocation for power.

What do we do? We translate complex ideas into simple processes. We turn simple processes into successful strategies.

How do we do it? We transform your ideas into a strategy. We drive your ideas to power.

Why do you need us? Good ideas do not come to power alone and a good strategy is not enough. You need strategic planning. You need persuasive communication, you need to build the decision.

Our Team

Malfred Gerig


Crissia Contreras


Damny Laya

Senior Associate

Juan Antonio Hernández

Senior Associate

Tania Delgado

Senior Associate