Why You Need Us?

Good ideas do not come to power alone and a good strategy is not enough. You need strategic planning. You need persuasive communication.
You need to build the decision.

Laboratorio Estratégico is a consulting firm specialized in political strategy, business performance improvement, and economic development and innovation.

Let's build important things together!


Creative development

In Laboratorio Estratégico we provide you with the necessary tools so that your message does
not become just another noise. We develop from your purposes a comprehensive creative
conceptualization that allows you to convert a message into a force capable of persuading and

Positioning Strategy

We help you strategically plan your political position so that you convert your ability to persuade and mobilize in power.

Persuasive Communication

A message capable of persuading and mobilizing can fail if it does not have communication tactics capable of generating the desired strategic effects. Political communication is much more than advertising. In Strategic Laboratory we make your message generate actions in others.

Social Media

To persuade and mobilize the key is in the strategy you develop and the creativity you have when executing it. At Laboratorio Estratégico we help you turn your digital presence into power.

Improving Business Performance

Laboratorio Estratégico’s performance improvement consulting helps you determine in which sector and how your company can make the leap to the next level.

Decision Making and Crisis Management

If you decide, crises can be a great opportunity to redefine yourself and relaunch. Laboratorio Estratégico’s decision-making and crisis management consulting helps you produce “creative destruction”.

Laboratory of Political Economy

We offer critical arguments about the economic information that circulates nationally and internationally, we collect key information for our clients to act in disruptive situations.

Political and Geopolitical Risk Assessment in Venezuela

Laboratorio Estratégico’s Risk Assessment accumulates the greatest amount of information on politics, economy, and geopolitics of the actors involved in the Venezuelan reality to indicate to our customers windows of opportunity according to their strategic priorities.

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Let's Build Important Things Together!

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